San Diego to Norco

partlycloudy.gifIt was a cloudy morning by San Diegos coastal line this morning however as we got closer to Fullerton and inland the sky cleared up and it was all sunny by the time I got to Fullerton. It was a great day and the temperatures were in the +30C.

I woke up, packed and Carissa took me to the train station. I was just 5 minutes late for the train and had to wait for 1,5 hours for the next train. However that was ok, I had a nice magazine that I was reading in and i had my iPod for musical additions :D

The train ride went without any special incidents:


However when I got to Fullerton I had to wait for almost 3 hours due to a misunderstanding about the time I was supposed to get picked up at. That was no problems though! I spent that time in the sun tanning while I was waiting. I found a nice little bench in the sun where I could enjoy my time.
Dionne came to pick me up and we went back to the house where I got to play with the kids and it was so nice to catch up with Di and Goo too :D

We prepared a gorgeous steak dinner and I got to take some great photo shoots of the sunset from the house. I am really pleased with my camera! I am very happy about that investment.

After dinner we smelt the unmistakeable smell of fire and Gregg and I went out to assure the fire was nowhere near us. Apparently several people had smelt it cause some neighbours had called the fire department. However the fire was not on our side of town. It was on the other cide of the city. We were just fooled because of the direction of the wind.
No further exiting news today.


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