Back to work – Yet another new office :D

sunny.gifSo, Finally the good weather reports are back ! Or – I moved myself so I got better weather :D Here in Norco we had temperatures up to +30C today. We started out with a little bit or mist in the morning, but that disappeared relatively fast. The rest of the day it was sunny from clear blue sky all day. We do have some wind between midday and 4pm but apart from that… gorgeous.


So, Monday morning and back to work. I spent the day working from my new nice outdoors office :D

I complained to my colleague in India that while opening some of the heavier application for work I kept loosing my VPN connection, where he says *Women*! – sitting at a bar near the pool and still complaning…

But, honestly i wasnt complaining because I was sitting outside by the pool near the bar, but because I had to work and the connection wasnt good enough.

That being said.. I love my work !

I just really wish I could spend more time vacationing here and not just working :(

Anyways – I got through the workday and after work I went for a hike in the nearby areas. It was really hot but so nice to be outside !!

When I got back I got to play with the kids and help Dionne and Gregg making dinner. Gregg made us some delicious steak for dinner and that was great. I took nice sunset pictures as well :D


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