Enjoing life with Dionne, Gregg and family

sunny.gifSo, Finally the good weather reports are back ! Or – I moved myself so I got better weather :D Here in Norco we had temperatures up to +35C today. We started out with a little bit or mist in the morning, but that disappeared relatively fast. The rest of the day it was sunny from clear blue sky all day. We do have some wind between midday and 4pm but apart from that… gorgeous.

I spent the day working again.
Not so much fun to report from during these hours, however for lunch we went to the local market to the pet store. That was nice. The kids are so lovely and they were so fascinated in the petstore. They loved it !

After work Dionne and I went to do groceries at CVS then we went home to feed the kids and prepare dinner for the night.
We had a lovely maple syrup glaced chicken and salads with Ice Cream for dinner.
The sunsets from Dionne and Greggs house are soo beautiful !


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