*Harr* *Harr* Walking the plank …

sunny.gifWe had another gorgeous day with no clouds visible on the sky all day. It was really hot – over +44C and either swimming in the cold water or being inside in the aircondition were the options.

Another workday with not much to report from, however during my lunch I had, like every other good pirate, to walk the plank and cool down. It was soooo hot that it was really not an option not to go swim. Good thing we have a swimming pool in the garden!

After work Vanessa and I went to get our nails done at the local nail salon. Vane got the spa treatment and pedicure where I only got the regular paint and decoration of the nails. However I could quickly tell that this girl was talented in the nail art area.

She had a quick and skilled way of painting the most precious flowers on my nails. I must admit I think I have never had cuter nails than today !!

Hope the nail polish wont wear out within the first few days at least.

The funny thing is that it probably didnt even cost a tiny part of what it would have costed in Norway. Thats scary.

After dinner I played a pirates captive again and had to walk the plank into the swimming pool :D I had so much fun enjoying these days by the pool :D

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