My first 35th birthday present !

sunny.gifWe had another gorgeous day with no clouds visible on the sky all day. It was really hot – over +44C and either swimming in the cold water or being inside in the aircondition were the options.

Ok, so its not really my birthday yet, but Dionne, Gregg and I have not been able to celebrate my birthday (or any other of our birthdays since we were 17 and 18 years old… (That is about… 17-18 years ago.. God, thats just scary to think about ….) so we had a summary birthday celebration tonight :D

The day started out with Dionne taking me to the hairdresser to get a haircut. When I got my haircut she got a pedicure at the nailsalon next door (the same one I went to the other day when I got my nails painted… beautiful artwork). I dont normally go to the hairdresser a lot and its only my second visit this year, so it was awesome to get get it cut and styled.
However after half an hour of blow drying my hair I was seriously starting to wonder how long it can take to blow dry a hair when its 39C outside.. I felt like melting and thats not a very nice feeling. When she finally finished the blow drying…. I felt the urge to escape so I asked her not to continue.. However the haircut turned out really nice :D Im very happy with it. After the haircut I went over to the CVS store to get ceral (Margaret – this one is for you) and then went to the nail salon to see if Dionne was done. Perfect timing is what we call that !

When we got home I was sooo tired, Im not certain from what though but I went to my room and fell asleep for 2 hours. When I woke up we had visitors. A friend of Dionne and Gregg that has 3 kids Maya and Zaras age so that they could all play together in the pool. That was nice.
At 3pm tia Vanessa came over to look after the kids and Gregg, Dionne and me went to have a nice evening out.

First stop was La Brea shopping centre where we did some shopping. It was a great mall. Pretty design, good collection of stores etc. However I didnt buy much. I have a limit and I soon dont have more room in my suitcases !!! Aich :D Hehehe

We then went to have dinner at the Cheesecake factory. It was a gorgeous dinner. I had caramel chicken. A spicy dish of chicken glaced in Caramel and for dessert I had White chocolate rasberry cheesecake. Sooooo good.
We had a great deal of fun and suddenly it was time to leave for the show.

We drove off to Fullerton and the Maverick Theatre where we had plans to see the play
The Producers

It was a great show and we had some nice eyecandy in the play too :D Greggs colleague Rick played one of the leads and the eyecandy was the other lead. Mr Leo Bloom played by Shaun-Michael McNamara… Good looking guy and talented too.

However.. They were all very talented and I enjoyed the show very much !

Here are some reviews from the papers about the play:
OC Weekly
The Orange County Register

Thank you Gregg and Dionne !!
That was an amazing birthday present and a great night out with you !


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