Relaxing Sunday in the Sun

sunny.gifWe had another gorgeous day with no clouds visible on the sky all day. Thankfully the temperatures have dropped a bit so its not so hysterically hot any more.. Im not saying its not hot but at least temps are not +44C any more. Its more like +37C which is totally livable.

I slept in this morning and spent some quality time relaxing.
Gregg and I took Zara to the hairdresser and then we went for grocery shopping. We went to Albertson with Zara which gave Dionne some time to pack for her upcoming work trip to San Francisco.
When we got back home we had lunch and then we went outside to play in the pool ! Boy was it a great day. The kids were having so much fun in the pool.

Dionne had to leave at 3:30pm and while the kids had their nap I updated pictures and edited them so I could upload them to the blog.

When Gregg got home we started cooking so they had some dinner for the next few days and then we took the kids outside to play.

Maya and Zara are so adorable but even adorable kids have to take a bath and go to bed. I cleaned the kitchen while Gregg put the kids to bed and when he was done with that task, we exchanged music and pictures from my stay so that they could also have a copy of the pics I have taken.


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