Last day in Norco – moving on to Los Angeles

This morning I woke up early and had breakfast. It was a great morning and Vanessa and I decided to take the kids down to the city of Riverside. Riverside is a city located about 30 minutes from Norco and its a really nice place :D

We made lunch that we brought with us and walked around in Riverside searching for a few things that I wanted to buy with me home. I didnt find the stuff I wanted, but i did find an awesome passport holder / protector in black leather with stitched flowers and ladybugs.
We had our lunch in a park before we continued walking in the city. I found a nice secondhand store that sold everything from furniture to purses and clothes and lots of other stuff and I bought a jacket that costed me only $4 USD. While I had shopped Vanessa had taken the girls to a fountain nearby where they and other kids had taken a bath in the hot, sunny weather !!

We changed clotes on the kids and continued walking in the city. We stopped to have some delicious ice-cream before we went home and we all enjoyed it a lot :D After Ice-Cream we drove home and it was nappy time for the kids and I spent some time finishing my packing before Vanessa and I had a nice swim in the pool!

It was such a lovely day. Too bad it was my last with the family for this time !

When Gregg got home we packed the car and took the kids with us as well as all of my luggage. Time was come for me to leave and they took me to the train station. From there I travelled with Metrolink to Los Angeles where Marco picked me up at Union Station and we drove off to his place. It was really nice to see Marco again and we stopped for dinner at a Thai restaurant close to his place. It was nice to see his family again as well.

Early bed today :D


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