Santa Monica Beach with Libbi

This morning I woke up after Marco had left for work and Marcos nephew Christian gave me a ride downtown LA when he drove Marcos mom to work.

I spent the morning walking up and down Olvera Street , before I got a hold of Libbi (that I met at the LA Twilight Eclipse Convention) and we agreed upon a meeting time. That left me with some good hours to walk around and get to know the area around Union Station. I walked up towards the Disney Concert Hall and found some nice buildings there to take pictures of. I found a nice little store that sold home made chocolate and I got myself a bar of white chocolate / peanut fudge and strawberries dipped in chocolate :D Yummy… They were sooo good.

At some point I ran out of time and had to hurry back to Union Station where I was supposed to meet with Libbi. Since Libbi was short of her cell phone I had to be there, cause I was not going to be able to get a hold of her after she had set off from home. I found a nice market place on my way, but was in too much of a hurry to really enjoy it.

Libbi arrived some time after myself due to traffic and then we set off to grab lunch at Santa Monica Beach. It was quite a little drive to get there, but it was great to meet up with Libbi again. Once there we went to Hooters (My first and probably last visit)  to have lunch. Quite ok, but  somewhat salty and greasy food. After lunch we went shopping and I bought quite a bit of clothes. I never found the Bath & Bodyworks store I needed to hoard my favourite body lotions and shower gels before I left, however I had now found most of the other stuff I wanted to take home with me by now.

Libbi had to leave at 3 and I spent some more time walking around, enjoying the sun and the warm weather before I headed towards Union Station in bus. Its amazing that you can spend so much time in buses in LA. Santa Monica doesnt have a metro so you are bound to take the bus back to Union Station. Thankfully I didnt have to change bus, however the ride took over 1 hour. At Union Station I sat to wait for Marco. He was due to leave work at 5 so I waited for him to get off work and head over my way to pick me up.

Once Marco was there he was lovely enjough to take me to Beverly Hills Mall where we finally found a Bath & Bodyworks store and I could hoard up on my supplies :D YAY

We had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant before going home and it was sooo good to come home. Now … the big task of fitting it all into my suitcases ….


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