Leaving Los Angeles

I spent most of last night packing my stuff neatly into my different bags and suitcases making sure they dont weigh more than the exact limit that the airline company allows, however I really hope my carry-on luggage wont be weighed !! It weighs a lot more than the allowed 18 kgs.

Even if I was up late last night I woke up real early, got ready and waited for Marco to get ready for work. He gave me a lift to the airport to make sure I got there in time. I checked in with Continental, paid the overweight fee that was not really cheap (but a LOT cheaper than sending the stuff through the mail system) and went through the security control to the international area. I was there in good time and both check in and flight went very well.

As we flew over the US Continent, I took some pictures (I love window seats)  and watched 1,5 movies. The Bounty Hunter was one of them and then I started The last song

The Bounty Hunter

The Last Song

Unfortunately The last song was longer than the remaining time of our flight, hence we landed in New York a bit further than mid-movie. At the airport I got myself some nice Pizza and sat down next to the gate to wait for boarding.
I had a window seat again and this time I had a Norwegian mom and her son seated next to me. They were nice. The flight was somewhat delayed and while we watied I realized that I could watch the rest of The Last song. Woo hoo..

This movie was followed by

Date Night

And after this I gave in to sleep :D We arrrived Norway and it was a nice summer day :D YAY. More Sun. I wont comlain about that.  I cant wait to get my cat back !!!


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