Bygdøy – Folkemuseet

Today Maikel and I went to Bygdøy with Daniel. We went to visit the Folk museum. Its a lovely outdoor museum which shows the traditional buildings from the different areas of Norway in a tiny place.
They have lots of different activities as well as the museum, like baking of lefse, kids playing school kids from the old days, people dancing traditional dances and playing traditional music.

Daniel and Maikel at Folkemuseet

After the visit to the folk museum we headed to the HUK beach, but that was a bad decision as it started pooring down like heaven opened up its gates and let a flood on us.

Wall of rain moving in on us

As this cloud of rain moved towards us we ran for the bus and went to a cafe in Oslo city instead to have tea, coffee and nice cake.
We also met up with Ricard before we went home and left Daniel and Ricard downtown.


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