Apartment refurbishing – day 5

I started the day with a lovely omelette and went down to my new apartment around 10:30 where I spent most of my day fixing in the living room and the hall. There is so much to be done. I am skipping the work in my bedroom for now and the guestroom –  Im not even going to think about it. I am just going to wait until I have the energy for that. For now. It will be used as a storage room once we start moving all the stuff down here from the other apartment.

Around 2 pm my uncle Antonie came. He is going to stay for a few days and organize a few things for his return to Brazil as well as help me some with the apartment. 

We sat down and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine for an hour before I started getting stressed enough to want to start again. Then there was no mercy for him either :D I painted the sides of the ceiling close to the walls and he painted the ceiling with a roller. We repeated this 3 times before we started painting a coat of paint on 2 of the walls in the living room and then we called it a night for today.

Then we went back to my old apartment where we ordered pizza from Peppes Pizza for dinner. Delicious. And the best of all. We didn’t have to make it ourselves!

It was lovely to have my uncle visiting and we talked into the early hours :D


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