Apartment refurbishing – day 6

My uncle, Antonie, arrived yesterday and today my mom arrived to help with the refurbishing.

In addition to my mom and uncle, a friend, Danielm came to help out. That sure put a speed to the process that I have lacked the days I have worked by myself. 

First we painted the ceiling in the hall all white and then Daniel and I put up a kind of a wall fix wall paper.

Look how beautiful the white looks compared to the yellow !

The huge project for my uncle today was to tear the wardrobe system in the room that will be my bedroom. The walls were covered with mirrored doors, which I actually find pretty tacky, but thats not up to me to judge :D
I will just change it into what I find fit for my own taste.

The demolition man

Daniel and my uncle also removed the linoleum and the layer beneath it and threw that away. Phew. Good to have all this done !!!! Then they carried the doors upstairs to the loft and there they will rest til I sell them.

My mom spent most of the day preparing the kitchen to be painted. She also painted the first coat on the frames for the doors and windows and helped painting the walls in the living room.

All 4 walls covered with the first layer of paint in the living room and the walls are spackled. All ready for the final coats !

We had dinner together at my old place when we finally gave up the hard working. Daniel ate with us and then I walked him to the train station. Now I am soooo ready for a good nights sleep.


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