Apartment refurbishing – day 7

Today we started out having a nice breakfast at home for my mom and my uncle and myself. Then we headed down for the new apartment where we continued working.

We continued working in the living room, painting all the corners – preparing for the paintrollers later on. My uncle continued working in my new bedroom where he “repaired” the ceiling (spackeling) and walls where there were (ugly) marks after removing the old wardrobe system.

My mom and I continued the work Daniel and I didn’t finish up last night and the walls in the hall became beautifully bright and the hall immediately looked so much bigger once we had covered all the walls.

We had lunch and relaxed outside in the sun for a while. We still have beautiful warm days. I am thrilled about that!

At 4 pm Kirsti came to help painting. At first we painted the walls in the living room and completed the work there and then we moved on to the kitchen where my mom had prepared everything for painting the walls and ceiling there.

We covered 1 coat in there before we gave in for the night and cooked dinner so that Kirsti could share with us :D We had a great time. It is also a lot more fun to work so hard and put in such an effort when there are more to help out !

Thats it for today. I am exhausted and early bed.


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