Apartment refurbishing – day 8

Finally it looks like we are getting somewhere with the process.

I am quite proud of todays achievements during the refurbishing process.

My mom helped me painting the next coat of paint in the kitchen.

My uncle continued fixing the bedroom. Today he polished and enameled the floor and prepared it so that it should be ready to move in tomorrow. 

I mainly worked with the living room putting up the wallpaper :D

Yesterday, my friend Kirsti, mom and I, finished painting the walls in a color called Antique green (a white with a slight hint of green) and today I have set up 2 walls with different wallpapers.

One wall is now decorated with a wallpaper with pastel metallic green butterflies with white big butterflies on a beige background.

and the other is decorated with a wallpaper of leaves

I am quite proud because it is only the second time I ever have put up wallpapers and this concludes the refurbishing of the living room.

We are now set in the living room ! Congratulations to me and Big Thank you’s to my grand helpers !!

As for the hall. Yesterday we finished setting up the wall fix wallpaper and today we painted the wallpaper. It needed 3 full coats. Mom is still here, but uncle had to leave today. He has done such a great job and I am him forever thankful !

However my stepdad came to help out during the weekend and once we were done for the day in the new apartment, we went up to the old one to continue packing. It was a wild scene :D But interesting. What goes in which boxes, how to mark them. We worked until late night. I can’t wait until this process is done !


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