The big MOVING day !

All this week we have prepared for this day and finally we had come to the day of the moving. I have changed address and tonight I will sleep for the first time in my own apartment!

My mom and my stepdad Tron, Rune (my “stepbrother”), Daniel and Asbjørn were fantastic helpers today.

First Rune came early and helped mom, Tron and myself fill one truckload of the most important stuff that needed to go first. We worked fast and the first load was ready by 9. The guys drove the car and mom and I stayed behind. Daniel showed up down there and helped the guys unloading the truck where mom and I continued packing and carrying all the stuff outside that would go into the next truckload.

The 3 guys came back with the truck and we continued loading the next round, however when that was done Rune had to leave and we thanked him a lot for his help and participation. When the car took off was when my phone died and I had to wait for Asbjørn. He was due to arrive any minute after the truck had left and I was not able to let him know that I had ran out of batteries nor what my new address was. That also allowed me a breather.
When he arrived we walked down to help the others unload the truck. There was not much left and we went back up for a third load. The good thing when you move only 5 minutes drive away is that the moving between apartments dont take long either! 

After the 3rd load we had a delicious lunch that my mom had prepared for us. Due to a backproblem she was not able to help carry too much stuff, but she still participated by painting the last coat of paint in the kitchen. Then we started unpacking… When most of the stuff was done, we let the guys go home and sent them off.

We still had some stuff left in the old apartment, but that was all smaller stuff, that I can pick up with the bike by myself.  

We were far from done refurbishing the new place, but at least we had finished enough to put all my stuff somewhere !

Just a little bit stuffed in the living room :D

For dinner mom, Tron and I made a nice and simple meal and then we continued unpacking and talking throughout the evening. I already have internet and TV since the 15th and we were able to relax a bit tonight. Very well deserved !

I am sooo happy now. This is a whole new chapter in my life that begins now !!!!



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