Fall is here…

Those of you that know me, know that fall and winter are not among my strong sides…

However for those of you that don’t – The reason for that is that normally fall is the season that normally comes with cloudy days, temperatures falling, heavy rain and life around you dying. Let me now say, it’s not all that bad, some fall days are among the most beautiful days of the year. Of course those are the sunny days – the ones where you get that special sunlight that makes you look around and see the true beauty of mother nature. Be in the crystals of the rime on grass or the beautiful colors of the leaves before they are shed.

And winter, well – it is cold and dark most of the time and my cold related asthma makes me sick a lot with infections that isolates me from work colleagues and going out with friends. Apart from that I like winter. The cold, sunny days are amazingly beautiful however they are short in Norway. On the day with the least sunlight the sun rises in Oslo at 9:30 am and sets around 3:15pm. So if you are a work ant like me, you are stuck indoor in an office most of the day and you don’t really see the daylight or get to be outside to enjoy it.

I love summer and sun and warm temperatures … Meaning I can only wait for the next distractions to keep me going until spring is upon us again. However of distractions there are many. I have trips planned to Bremen (Germany), Rome (Italy) and Copenhagen (Denmark) just for November and I’m very much looking fwd for all of those. Then in November there is also the release of the new Harry Potter movie. So for now, all of my weekends are planned in November.

Hopefully December will be just as busy although no trips planned in December. I hope to find other distractions.


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