Trolljegeren – The Troll Hunter

I just got home from the movies after watching the Troll Hunter. Its a new Norwegian movie with Otto Jespersen. It may be one of the best Norwegian movies I have seen and Im not easily impressed by Norwegian movies !

The Troll knowledge rules:

  1. Never stay in the forest after sundown
  2. Never go out for a long walk if you are a christian – never.
  3. Be well prepared against trolls even on short trips. Always bring strong ultraviolet light.
  4. Never walk as fast that you start sweating.
  5. Be sceptical to big, mossy trees.
  6. Do NOT listen to “experienced” mountain people. They know nothing of Trolls.
  7. Walk alone – You never know who is a christian.
  8. If you find moster masts – TURN AROUND
  9. If you meet Trolls. Hide and wait for sunrise.
  10. Stay away Sogn og Fjordane

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