Weekend visit to Bremen, Germany

This weekend I was in Bremen in Germany.

It was just a short weekend trip to  visit friends and attend a birthday party. The trip was great and I had ordered some new photo equipment that I got to test there as well. Daniel and I took friday off and travelled down to Bremen around midday. Flight is just 1 hour, but then it takes almost 2 hours to travel down to Torp airport so we still had some travelling hours prior to arrival.

It was nice to be back in Bremen. It is my third visit there, although the first visit in fall. I like Bremen, its a nice city not too far off sized from Oslo.
We were met by our host and he took us to a currywurst restaurant. Apparently you get curry hot dogs so hot you need to be nuts to eat them – but we managed, some with bigger ease than others…

Friday night we went to Thomas’ birthday party and it meant a lot to me to be able to share that time with him and at the same time meet old and new friends at the party. The party was themed after the German classic movie from 1944 Feuerzangenbowle where serving the Feuerzangenbowle was the big attraction of the night.

The party was followed  by an irish pub and we were not home until almost 4am, but it was a good night.

Saturday we woke up way too early and went to have a lovely breakfast buffet at a restaurant down by the river. I think it must have been one of the best breakfasts I have had in a long time.

The breakfast was followed by a walk downtown with Daniel, Bjørn and Nadia. Nadia and I went to a coffee house for hot chocolate and to the market place to take pictures while the guys got new haircuts. Then we had a walk in the Schnoor area in the old parts of Bremen.

The schnoor is an area of Bremen with old houses and tiny streets all old school. Its a very touristic area with lots of small shops with traditional and touristic items for sale.

During the afternoon we walked around taking pictures. We found a great spot with lots of leaves making a spectacular show in the water with the reflections from the trees hovering over the water.

We stopped to have a cup of coffee at a restaurant where I actually had a tiny nap :D
We continued with a shopping trip finding Daniel a good jacket for the autumn. We found a really nice one !

Karl came over for a visit when we got home and during the night we just stayed home and Bjørn made us a great pasta dish before watching the Classic Scarface movie with Al Pacino. However due to lack of sleep D fell asleep, up to several times during the movie before we gave up and we all went to bed.

Sunday morning we shared another good breakfast before we had to start heading home.

During the flight back home I had the weirdest feeling of watching down at the burning fields of battle of the second world war. It was like I saw the green and beautiful fields with my eyes, but in my head a movie played showing the terrors of the war. It was not very nice, but still good to be reminded that this happened. We have to learn from past mistakes and avoid things like this to happen again. This is why I love Couchsurfing so much. Makeing friends all over the world may prevent us from starting new wars. Who wants to fight their friends anyways?


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