My moodswings are kind of giving me whiplash

One day Happy – One day sad, One day happy – one day sad. I think its quite normal in a humans life to change moods but lately my mood is changing more often than other people changes underwear (I change mine quite often, thank you very much) and its stressing me out. I just want to be happy.

Reasons? Yeah you may ask, but I dont know if I can really give you a good answer.
I can try though. We are going towards the dark ages (winter and very little daylight) and for the next 6 weeks we will have less and less daylight every day. On the positive side – its only 6 weeks until the sun turns and we can finally start countdown to summer !!!!! YAY

I’ve had a lot going on lately moving, redecorating and painting the new apartment, lots of stress at work and other emotional stuff affecting my mood. Its not so much one or the other causing it, but the whole bunch of it happening at the same time. I have one day really happy, one day really sad. Variation is the thing. At least this way Im not boring to be around for my friends.


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