Oslo to Roma

It was a snowy, cold morning in Norway and it was dark due to early wake-up to catch our flight.

However only 3,5 hours later, not including the time to get to the airport, wait for the flight and then wait for the taxing lanes to open up (Yeah. It was snowing that much. They closed down the airport to get rid of the snow and de-ice the planes), we were in Rome, la citta eterna (The eternal city).

Daniel and I took the train from the airport to Tiburtina trainstation and from there we took the metro to Piazza Bologna and walked down via Arezzo to Robertas house, where she met us and prepared lunch for us, before she returned to work and Daniel and I headed out to walk the streets of Rome.

This was my 3rd visit to the eternal city and my second visit to Robertas house so I had a certain idea of where to go, so we started walking around taking to left and right as we found interesting streets and buildings to take pictures of on our way downtown. I had my moments of doubt about where we were at certain moments, but when we started finding locations worth seeing in my Rome guidebook, I finally felt we were on the track again :D Especially when we finally got a glimpse of Il Vittoriano (The Victor Emmanuele monument) at Piazza Venezia.

Vittorio Emanuele II Monument

We stopped for a cup of coffe and later delicious ice cream on our way there. It was dark as we arrived, but that just gave us the opportunity to take some gorgeous pictures in the fantastic light of the night. It is very fun to learn about tips about photography from Daniel. I like to see my talent evolve :D

As we finished taking pictures of Il Vittoriano, we walked up Via dei Foro Imperiali to Colosseum which is so beautiful at night! The best thing is that there wasnt really that many tourists either so we got some good shots. Including lots of playing with lights for the pictures.



From Colosseum we walked down la Via dei Foro Imperiali back to Piazza Venezia where we were supposed to head up Via del Corso, but happened to take a de-tour down to Theatre of Marcellus before we found the right street.

We walked up to Piazza del Popolo before continuing up Via dei Flaminio in tram to Auditorium Parco della Musica where we met Roberta for a Jazz concert at the Rome Jazz Festival with Gabriele Cohen – Jewish experience:

http://www.auditorium.com/eventi/4979565 http://www.romajazzfestival.it/page/artist/id/13/GABRIELE%20COEN%20-%20“JEWISH%20EXPERIENCE

The Concert was great. I normally am not a fan a huge fan of jazz, however I really liked this concert. It was exiting and different and I liked it a lot. I think I was just in the right state of mind for this experience. Exhausted after the journey and the walk, but really enjoying the calm of finally sitting down and just listening to music.

When we got home (and man, was I happy Roby had her car to take us home) Roberta cooked some food before going to bed. I was soo tired and sleep was very welcome.


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