Touristing Roma daytime and Dinner with friends at night

Saturday morning we slept in and enjoyed a nice breakfast with Roberta before Daniel and I headed to the Colosseum to start our day as tourists like planned, however several hours later than originally planned :D

The plaza was sooo full of tourists already and there was no way we wanted to wait in line to get in there so we just tried taking pictures without getting too many tourists, we decided to leave and go to the Forum (Roman) and The Palatine Hill instead.

Palatine Hill

However we had to wait in line to get tickets there too and shows out that the ticket also covered the entrance for a visit to the Colosseum so we went back there to see the insides of the majestic building before we left the area.

Colosseo at daytime

We went to Conad supermarket between the stations Termini and Castro Pretorio to buy some Parmesan Cheese to bring home :D Thank God for the backpack and thank God for Daniel being strong so he could carry the cheese. I would have regretted the purchase if I would have had to carry it myself. Now you may wonder, why does she complain about some cheese? Cheese doesn’t weigh that much? Not if you buy normal amounts. We bought about 8 kgs of parmesan cheese…. which.. was heavy with the cameras and the other equipment we had.

Done shopping, I was totally depleated and in huge need of food. However I was so low on blood sugar that when we finally got the food I took forever eating it. We had some lovely pasta dishes both first and second platter. Yummy… and … hot chocolate with cream to top it off. It was a lovely meal and it sure did give me my strength back but it took its time.

Someone was tired

At 4 pm we had a meeting scheduled to meet with Andrea and Giampiero, but their bus was late and we were late so we all got there in good time at 5:30 and we got to meet Roberta at the same time for her to give us keys to the apartment as she would not join us for dinner later in the night.

Giampy and Andrea brought with them a CS friend, Anastacia, living outside of Rome. Together we went to Pantheon, before we went to Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori.

Inside Pantheon

Daniel and Giampiero at Piazza Navona

At 9 pm we went to meet the rest of the group in Trastevere outside Bir & Fud restaurant ( They only had 70 people in waiting so they could not take our reservation for table for 15. We ended up just a little bit down the road at the Mo’Sto restaurant that were more than happy to take in our big group.

Giampiero and Alfredo

Me and Daniel

Luca and Flavio

It was great seeing Luca, Giampiero, Andrea, Flavio and Alfredo again. It was also nice to meet their friends that they had brougth for the dinner, making the evening special and wonderful in many ways.

We had great food, great time and great company and the night was still young when we left to have some drinks before we went home.


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