Going back home to Oslo

Sunday morning we didnt have time for much more than packing and having a light breakfast with Roberta before we had to run to the metro. We almost lost our train to the airport at Tiburtina. In the morning on sundays it only passes every30 minutes and loosing this one would have made it more difficult for us to get there in time, but we made it.

Flight home was good, after only a few hours of sleep I was really tired and kept falling asleep during my reading. So did Daniel.

Finally home I went straight to bed and slept for several hours before I dozed in the couch for a few more hours before again falling to sleep.

It was a lovely weekend, we had sun and +19 C degrees during the daytime and at night it was still not colder than +8 C. One cannot complain about that in November when living in Norway. I had a fantastic time and send my warmest thank you’s to Linda & Robert that allowed this trip to happen by passing on their tickets to us :D


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