It has begun

On Thursday I had an interview with a recruiting company called BinR.
Joachim used to be my recruiting contact when I worked for ElanIT and he now started a new company. 

I need to make sure that I will get back into business asap and will be doing my best to find a new job quickly.

Then today again I had an interview with Vikar1.
Sonja and Barbro at Vikar1 has been my contacts since the very first days when I started working back in 1999. They got me into a position in Telenor International and I worked for them my first year of employment. I have kept in touch with them every time I’ve been on the search for a new job and just like this time it was great seeing them again and I feel a bit more relieved about the situation.

At the same time I cant help but feeling a bit sad about the situation. I dont really want to change jobs right now. I would very much like to stay in the job I have and like.
So questioning where I want to go now? and what I wish to work with? are not questions I have really thought through yet.

Its a lot easier when you have taken a formed desicion about changeing jobs. That I have done  several times before, but all these times it has been due to my own wishes for change and developing my role and responsibilities. I have always thought well through the decisions and planned well ahead.  I’ve never been made redundant before or even been close to being made redundant. Maybe thats why it feels so sad to move on?

Ok, Im not in tears most of the time over this and I do see it as a new beginning as well. Its just that right now I was not ready for another new beginning. There has been a few too many new beginnings this fall with buying my apartment and moving and then a few other things that I have no control over.

I feel a huge need for stability right now, but it has begun …

I am working on it and I hope I find the right path to go soon …

In several areas of my life …


One response to “It has begun

  1. Take care! I admire your stamina and that you take the challenge from day one after this surfaced.

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