Frozen beaches

Let me start by saying that today has been not only a little bit, but a whole lot better than yesterday!

I went in to the office today to meet up with Louise and Birgitte and my other colleagues. It was a great morning ! Louise and I went to lunch together before I went down to the beach at Fornebu to take pictures. I love spending time at the beach at Fornebu. Its just so soothing and calming to my soul. Sometimes I think I miss the open ocean outside Arendal where I grew up. I just love going back there both when the ocean is calm in sunny weather and on stormy, rainy days. I think its something you need to have grown up by the sea to understand :D

However today was really beautiful. The sea is not frozen yet, but every little puddle and pond was frozen rock hard :D
I guess that is part of the beauty of it :D Its so different from summer, but its still exactly the same :D
No way Im going in the water at least !

I liked being outside in the sun so much, and despite the cold (Temps were down to about -10C / 14F) I decided to walk back to the city. I stopped to take pictures several places along the road and reached the city just after 3pm. It took me about 2 hours in addition to the hour and half I had already spent at the beach, and when I reached my sisters house I was very happy to get indoors to warm up. As the nice sister I am I had brought her some nice dinner as she is down with pneumonea. It was really nice to spend time with her and I didnt leave her place until 8pm. Considering I had enjoyed my walk earlier so much, I continued walking towards home. I reached Alnabru before I gave up and take the bus the rest of the way. I think the highlight of getting home was to take that shower to warm me up :D and then falling asleep some hours later warm and comfy :D

Unfortunately the pictures I took didnt really turn out very good so no pics…


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