Touristing Copenhagen in a Blizzard…

This morning we had to wake up early and head to the airport to catch our plane.

Outside was really cold (-9C) and snowy and on top of that real windy. BRRRR.

Good thing is that the busstop to the airport is only 2 minutes walk from my apartment and hence we didn’t have to be exposed to the cold for too long before the bus showed up. Bus ride was used for sleeping just those 20 extra minutes …

After a short flight we arrived in Copenhagen 11:25. We took the metro downtown and hopped off at Kongens Nytorv and into the snowstorm.

We spent the day getting to know Copenhagen and we walked up and down Strøget a few times and then we had lunch at a bagel / coffee shop somewhere just to get out of the snow for a while. It was snowing so badly that we were not even able to take pictures outside. It was quite a lot of fun as well because it took about 10 minutes for us to be snowed down after shaking the snow off, but it was beautiful and magical as well.

After lunch we continued down the Latin Quarters and Købmagergade before we went shopping for dinner ingredients and headed towards Forum where our hosts for the weekend live. We were a bit early for our meetup time and Daniel and I sat down for a cup of tea in a small cafeteria close to our hosts while we waited for them to come home.

Tirsa came home at 6 and then we went over there to be followed by Simon just a few minutes later. They showed us the kitchen as we had promised to cook for them and their guests this night.

We started preparing our meal with great care while the guests arrived. The guests being Tirsas sister, brother in law and nephew, as well as their mother and her housband.
We prepared steak and gratinated potatoes with mushroom stew :D Yummy :D The meal turned out to be really, really tasty, the company was great and we all had a really, really good time.

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