Christmas markets in Copenhagen

This snowy morning we woke up and got dressed and ready to join the rest of the house for breakfast. Tirsas sister and brother-in-law had also stayed with us and we got to enjoy their nice company for breakfast as well.

After breakfast Daniel and I headed out in the snowy weather, ready to explore more of Copenhagen. However, due to the bad weather we explored quite a few coffee shops and other indoor activities :D

On our way to Kastel we found an  indoor Christmas market, which was quite nice, but it was real small – however it was inside and we enjoyed the warmth for a little while.

Outside again we finally went to Kastel to look for the little Mermaid.

At Kastel we played around in the snow and took lots of pictures. The houses out there were all beautifully decorated by huge iciles.

We spent a few hours at Kastel in the cold before we started moving back towards the centre and found the christmas market at Nyhavn, which was lovely.

After a long day walking in the snowstorm outside – We started out the evening going for dinner at Chico’s Cantina. That was an excellent choice. Food was lovely and the drinks as well :D We had mexican with Frozen Strawberry Margaritas ! Yay ! Yummy ! The restaurant played lots of latino music as well and that was great!

However when we paid for the food – the bill landed on the symbolic amount of 666,00 DK. I’m gonna save that bill… I have never gotten a bill on 666 in any kind of currency before.


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