Mew Concert in Copenhagen Opera House

When we were done dining, it was time to find the Opera House of Copenhagen where our MEW concert was scheduled at 9pm.

Daniel (yes, I have been blamed for enough misdirections by now and this one is only on him) wanted us to go towards Tivoli because he thought the Opera House was located that direction.
Hence – we walked… and walked and .. found no opera house, however when he finally admitted that it was about time to ask  someone where the Opera house actually was, we were pointed back in the direction we came from.
The detour was quite nice though :D We got to know areas of Copenhagen we would not have gotten to know if not for the detour :D

Finally, on the right way. we met a huge group of people (around the Christiania area) coming from the direction we were heading with totes with band logos and we realized that we were finally on the right way.

We got there in good time and thankfully we were allowed to bring our cameras inside – which was really great because then we could get some really good shots instead of crappy cell camera shots.

Of course, the concert was not about the pictures, but about the music and both the show and the music was great.

This was my first concert with MEW and I totally loved it.

It was completely worth it ! It was an awesome show and we had great seats and a great view !

When the show ended, we went back home to our hosts place in bus and metro. We finally tired from walking in the freezing blizzard outside. The snow had calmed a bit, but it was still snowing pretty heavily.
It felt so good to get home and into the warm apartment where Simon and Tirsa were still awake working, so we got to talk with them as well before we all went to bed.

Some of my favourite Mew Songs:

Zookeepers Boy


Am I wry


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