Last day in Copenhagen for this time

This morning we slept in and had a quiet morning. It was still snowing and Tirsa and Simon said they could not remember so much snow falling at the same time in CPH. We spent the morning talking with Simon. Tirsa had left for work early, but we met her when we left the house to continue touristing.
FINALLY the weather cleared a little bit. It was still snowing after lunch, but not so heavily as during the weekend.
Staying with Tirsa and Simon has been a nice experience and we will have the possibility to see them again in early january when they come to Oslo for a short trip.

Daniel and I walked around for hours. This time we found the famous Assistens Cemetary where H.C. Andersen is buried, and we then walked up and down Nørrebrogade before we found our way back to Strøget. I must admit I was not in a shopping mood in all this snow, but it was still nice to spend the time walking around getting to know the city.  We got to see a lot and towards the end of the day – the sun even peeked out behind a heavy layer of clouds.

We had dinner before we went to the airport at a nice little Italian / Mexican Restaurant. Food was lovely and it was a tiny restaurant with a nice atmosphere.

Our flight home was quite uneventful, but good and it was soo good to get home.


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