Good girl

So … Considering my newfound days in freedom … (Being fired where they dont expect you to put in full effort working, but using your time to register your CV and search for new jobs) I have decided to make the best of my days.

Since 22 of July I have lost 12 kgs (about 25 punds/lbs) from refurbishing my new apartment, moving, redoing the apartment, fixing the old, lots of personal stress as well as worry about loosing my job. It feels very good. I am proud and I am very happy about it. Now starts the difficult job …

Keep it here or loosing more weight …

I want both. I dont want to gain weight again, however I want to loose weight as well. I will work hard to reach my goal and I have already started some processes to get there.
Today I have worked out strength
Yesterday I swam 2200 meters
Tuesday I worked out for about an hour
The whole weekend I spent walking in Copenhagen. It must count for something !
I hope to keep up the good work in the days that follow…


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