As you know 2 weeks ago I was told that I’ve been laid off from work.

However I see this as a newfound freedom and decided to take some time off to be me and to just enjoy December doing outdoorsy stuff, decorating for christmas and baking christmas cookies and paint my guestroom :D

So, last thursday I was chatting with a friend that wanted me to join for snowboarding, and I nagged on and on about not having my own board.
My friend sent me a link to used snowboard for sale online and in a tiny (big impulse) I called up the seller, asking for details, board was nice.
Mission completed – I bought it.

Today I got the pick up notice from the post Office.
I set off to pick it up and now I have a nice black snowboard in my house :D

I also invested in a nice little bunch of daypasses to one of the ski senters in Oslo that was on sale on Groupon.

Will be good to be outdoors some, enjoying the daylight instead of it being dark when I leave, dark when I go home. I like this :D I need it :D


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