Snow Crystals and IKEA pre-Christmas

Today I went with a friend to IKEA. I had had hopes to be there before 11 in the morning but due to different circumstances, this was not possible.

First I wanted to go for a walk along the river to take pictures.

This was a long, but beautiful, detour. It has been so cold lately that any kind of humidity in the air has frozen into snow crystals covering trees, snow and branches.

The stupid issue was that once we finished this walk, I remembered that I had forgotten my IKEA giftcard at home and I had to return to get it. We took the bus back home tho. It matched perfectly with when we arrived to the bus stop. However, we lost the bus back towards IKEA with 3 minutes so we had to walk, however we didnt take the detour this time.

We arrived at IKEA around 2pm. It was really, really crowded. Not really nice to be there at all :(
I actually feel very stressed in situations where so many people are gathered stress shopping before christmas. I dislike it thoroughly. I like shopping when Im almost alone and can think and hear myself breathe.

It was a relief to leave and go home. I forgot a few things, but thats ok :D Ill go back during work hours a weekday I think instead. Less people then.

Got myself some nice deals on flowers though… NIIIICE… and lots of candles !


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