Sisters – Christmas Bakeoff

Today all 4 Evensen sisters gathered to bake the traditional gingersnaps which are very popular cookies in Norway for christmas. It was a long time since Ingrid and I had met Linda and Ellen so it was awesome to spend some time with them.

 I went downtown at midday to Ingrids place and the smaller sisters had already arrived and were waiting impatiently for me to arrive to be abe to start baking.

Their mom was also there still and it was really nice to meet her as well. However she had some errands to run and some wishlists to hand over to Santa before Christmas :D

Our first task was to decorate a Gringersnap house that Ingrid already had prepared. Linda and Ellen got to decorate and quite a few of the chocolate pieces ended up in their mouths instead of on the house.

Once done with this task we prepared the dow and the tools we would need for baking. I tought the kids to warm up the dow before rolling it out and to make it thin enough before we could use the forms to stick out the figures. We baked and baked and made small figures for hours.

Big sisters making sure they were cooked well and the smaller sisters making sure we always had enough figures to cook. Some of the dow ended up in our mouths and lots of the already cooked cookies ended up in our tummies as well.

Once the baking session was done we cleaned up the place and got dressed.

I had promised Linda that she could choose her own christmas gift and that I would take her to the toy store and she could choose anything she would like (within a certain amount of money) from the shelfs. She will not get the gift until Christmas Eve, and she would know what she will get, but at least this way she will get something she really wants.

Ingrid took Ellen to pick up some other gifts and then we split. Once we were done we met Marilsa and Nara and went back to Ingrids place to have supper before we all went home to each ours.

It was a wonderful day and we had lots of fun. Hopefully the kids had as much fun as we the older sisters had !

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