Christmas in Trondheim – 2010 part1

Its that time of the year again

YIHAAA. Finally. I have awaited this christmas and the end of this year for a while now.

Play while reading.

Christmas was spent in Trondheim with Grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, close family and a friend of mine.

We set off from Oslo on 23 December at 2:30 in the afternoon from my place. 5 grown ups in a car fully loaded with christmas gifts and luggage for an unknown period of days (I say unknown because we had no plans on the actual date we were coming back from Trondheim). We chose to drive Highway E6 – BAAAAAD Choice. Due to construction work and some ridiculously icy and slippery weather conditions – we were stuck in traffic driving in 10 and 20 kms pr hour for several hours without getting anywhere.

The trip that was meant to last 7 hours – took us 11 hours including stops to strech our legs. Thankfully we had 3 computers in the backseat and we watched movies (Max Manus and Prince of Persia) to make the time go by faster. However, time didn’t exactly fly by. Several stops were very much appreciated during this long drive. At Tynset and Alvdal it was freakishly cold. -32,5 C was the lowest temperature we drove past. It was so cold that the inside of the windows in the car rimed.

But finally we arrived Trondheim and the family. It was so nice to finally reach Grandmas place with a welcome committee and warm food awaiting us. Yummy. Hot soup and fresh made buns !! NICE

Once fed and welcomed we were shown to our dormitories and kitty was sooo happy that he finally could go to the toilet again and get some food :D

Christmas Eve

We got to sleep in ! It was so nice :D However we were called down for a christmas morning breakfast. Huge amount of delicious food with the whole family.

After breakfast, the whole group started preparing for the Christmas Eve dinner. Cleaning, fixing, peeling potatoes, vacuuming and making food.
One of the most important family meals of the year for my family, well Norwegians in general. In Norway for Christmas Eve there are a few different meals that are traditional.

By tradition I mean that different regions and families eat one of these meals on christmas eve.  Normally one family dont vary between the different types of meals, but the meal you have is what each family eat is decided by the region you grew up in and the family you grew up in and what kind of food was available or rare so that it was special for the Christmas celebration. For instance in my family the tradition is to eat Ribbe.
This year we had dinner at Grandmas place. My beautiful Grandma ! She is the matriark of the family.
Such a lovely person.

Ribbe, like any of the other dishes, takes hours to make and it tastes delicious. Salt and Pepper to your liking. Cook the Ribbe with the skin down for 20 minutes, then you turn the rib with the meaty side down and lift it up from the pan, damping the rib for about 2 hours so that it becomes mighty tender and delicious inside and crispy hard on the top :D

Ribbe is traditionally served with traditional meatballs, white sausage, potatoes, carrots, sauerkraut and red cabbage. The traditional Aquavit, beer and wine is always served with the meal in good traditional style.

We were 11 people for dinner this special night and both food and company was awesome :D

After dinner a major cleaning up session was up for grabs. Thankfully, with that many people helping – it doesnt take forever to finish the cleaning and we soon finished the task and moved upstairs to my uncle and aunts place. My grandmas sister and one of her sons came along to join us for coffee and cookies and the GIFT opening session.
Yes, In Norway we open our christmas gifts on Christmas Eve, not on Christmas day.

With 13 people present for this session the amount of gifts was massive !

However, like usual, the kids and grandma got the biggest amount of gifts :D It took us some hours to open all the gifts. Lots of nice presents of all kinds were given and recieved.
I was quite pleased with the gifts given to me. Everything from home-made cookies to scarves and shoes, socks and books as well as a beautiful purple blanket. Only 2 gifts didnt fit, but not because I didnt like them. They were socks bought in a size too small. Thankfully its possible to change into a size that fits.

After opening all the gifts it was time to feed again and coffee and cookies was on the menu.
For Christmas in Norway it is a tradition to bake 7 different kinds of christmas cookies and these are serverd during the christmas holidays to family and friends that drop by for visits :D All 7 sorts were covered. There are lots of different recepies, however you are free to choose which 7 kinds you wish you bake. There are however some that are more traditional than others, like Smultringer, Sandkaker, Sirupssnipper, Berlinerkranser, Goro, Krumkaker and Fattigmann (PS: All links in Norwegian).

It was late before we went to sleep, but it was an amazingly great night with the family!

Christmas Day

After a really hectic Christmas Eve, we all slept in, had a late lunch and a long, slow day – just relaxing and enjoying family company.

Late breakfast, late dinner, movies and sleeping. We had a drive around the city – up to Lian, then to Tryvannstårnet and then down to Bakklandet where we walked around Gamle Bybro, then down to Royal Garden Hotel, then back to Bakklandet where we had a nice cup of tea before we went home. For dinner we had leftovers (another Norwegian tradition – make enough of the christmas food to have leftovers the next day) from Christmas Eve and lots of dessert and yummy cakes :D

Another late night. NIIICE.


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