Christmas in Trondheim – 2010 part2

For that christmasy feeling :

Another wonderful day. Sleeping in, late mornings. Well, not that the suns time schedule is helping any up here. Sun gets up at 10:30 in the morning and retires at 14:30 leaving us with 4,5 hours of daylight (including the twilight). It is easy to sleep in and rest.

We were called for breakfast at 11:00 and enjoyed the company of the rest of the family along with great food. After breakfast we were put to work again. Celebrating christmas with so many people and hosting parties is like a minor work camp :D Nothing wrong with that. Yet again we were hosting a big christmas party. Today with even more participants as even more cousins, uncles and aunts were going to be present.

As uncle Lars got sick, more of us were needed to help aunt Hanne to prepare for tonights party. We baked and cooked and cleaned and organized, however none of it seemed to be like work. Just enjoying the company of the family as well as passing time doing stuff whilest with the family. Everyone helped with different tasks to get ready for the guests to arrive. The party was set to start at 4. However the joke of the day was that noone knew the exact amount of guests scheduled to arrive :D

In the end we turned out to be the mighty number of 22 guests.

It is not often that so many members of the family is gathered like this and we only missed the Egersund gang to make the group complete.

Click the pictures to see the full album of pictures.

Grandma Ingrid in the chair closest.
In the sofa: uncle Odd Jørgen and aunt Inger, grand aunt Bie (Anne Sofie) and moms cousin Paul (Lille).
In the chairs stepdad Tron and mom Randi.

When gathered together like this we always try to get fresh pictures of the family members: 

In this picture all the 1st cousins present in the house.
Ingrid Indergaard, Ingrid Evensen, Sivert, Me, Kristine, Johanna and Marta.
(PS: We missed you Stian, Ola and Sigmund)

Another nice party came to an end but before we fell asleep we watched half of Pirates of the Caribbean. However I started getting the stomach flu and didnt feel too well. Niiice to sleep :D 

Ingrid leaving & A visit to Hell

Early in the morning we were woken up to drive Ingrid to the airport. My sister was leaving for Stockholm where she would attend to a dance seminar for until the end of the year. However, this morning mom, me and Daniel all went to drop her off and after we had left her at Værnes Airport in Northern Trøndelag county, we took a shortcut to Hell.

No kidding – there is actually a train station and a tiny place not far from Værnes airport called Hell. Hell means luck / success in Norwegian.
Gods expedition means goods handling. However written like this – it looks a bit suspicious.
Daniel and myself outide the train station.

When we got home I was exhausted. I felt worse than yesterday with nauxea and a terrible headache. I had a few paracetamols and went back to bed. I slept for 2,5 hours and went downstairs to have some more pills. Then I slept until 9 pm. Daniel came home from meeting a friend and we watched a movie before we went to bed.


I still didnt feel too good, but a bit better than yesterday and mom took me and Daniel to go shopping at City Syd. Main goal was to find me new winter shoes. That was the main wish I had for christmas this year. I had come to realize that during my moving earlier this year – I may have cleaned up a little bit too well in the throwing away unuseful stuff and I had no more shoes fit for winter. Not that my earlier shoes had been of a fantastic quality after several seasons of wearing and tearing, but I had thrown them away without replacing them. Maybe not the smartest idea, but it resulted in me getting a pair of new shoes. I did well, I found my new shoes in the first store we entered (that sold shoes – because the first store was an electronic store and they sold no shoes in there) and I found them in less then 10 minutes. Not a bad job !

After that we had a nice cup of coffe, shopped around some more and I finally bought The Simpsons DVD Season 20. Awesome ! When we got home we started watching a few episodes. Hilarious :D I am a HUGE The Simpsons fan.


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