Christmas in Trondheim – 2010 part3

All good things come to an end and this vacation did too.

After a lovely breakfast with Grandma it was decided that today was the day we had to leave. It was time to turn our noses back to regular life. We prepared and packed for hours and set off around 3pm. However the Simpsons DVD that I bought yesterday had a few scratches due to the packing so I had to change it – hence we had to stop again at City Syd.

Things there took its time and we were not able to set off until 4:30 from Trondheim.

However, things went a lot more calmly this time and the drive took us the normal 7-8 hours of driving. We had lots of food that we had packed for lunch and we only had to stop for minimal toilet and stretch legs breaks.

As when we drove up to Trondheim we watched movies and listend to music to make time go faster. We drove over Oppdal and through Dovre National park. The only sad thing though was that it was dark as the darkest night up there. Cloudy – not a single star to be seen and hence no visibility over the beautiful landscape that is up there.

Even with a higher speed, better driving conditions and less traffic, we didnt arrive in Oslo until past midnight and mom and Tron decided that driving all the way home to Arendal was not safe at this hour and hence they all stayed over to sleep at my place. So, christmas over and another fantastic visit to Grandma over …  Miss you already !


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