Project guestroom – Demolition wardrobe

So, The project has started.

I spent the last day of the old year demolishing the built-in wardrobe in my guestroom.

First I took down the door. The door consisted of 2 parts held together by 4 metal plates in the middle and 1000 tiny screws to be unscrewn. Once the first part was down I couldnt even find the way on how to loosen the other part. Double wooden plates where spikes were put in one layer and then another layer glued on the outside… Then wallpaper on the outside.

 Man.. who does something like that?

Once the door was down I spent hours and hours hammering and banging, in hope to tear it down.

It was a fisty fight with the wardrobe, but in the end I proved stronger and won the fight.

I had to take it down piece by piece and everything were double layers. But by heavy insisting – the walls came down and no more wardrobe in the guestroom.

My next project was to spackle the wholes and irregularities in the cement walls. Unfortunately I ran out of spackle mass and will have to continue this project on monday after getting more…


2 responses to “Project guestroom – Demolition wardrobe

  1. didn’t know you were a carpenter :)

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