Happy New Year to you my friends !

2010 has ended and with that a year that was prosperous and eventful in many ways. It started off with a huge boom and a mega party with 105 attendants from more than 25 different countries. I hosted 6 of the party guests for up to a week into the new year.
Then followed a quiet period with little travelling and little action outside work and friends. In June and July I travelled in the USA and once I got back followed a very hectical period. Too hectic for me to have had time to blog about it. In November I travelled again. About every weekend I went to a different place. It was nice. End of  November I was let know that I lost my job and I set all energy into searching for a new job – however it was a short blow and I got really sad that I was no longer needed at work. I lost all my energy and I went underground for some weeks. Christmas vacation ended the year in a great way. I love spending time with my awesome family up in Trondheim with Grandma, uncles, aunts, cousins and my closest family. It was a week of power socializing, but it was well needed.

In other words, to sum up 2010:

  • I got many new friends and keep in touch with all of my old friends.
  • My dad and his ex-wife went through a divorce that was hard on all of us as a family and it took a lot of strength and energy for all the parties involved.
  • I travelled 2 months in the USA (in Arizona and California with a tiny detour into Nevada) and I went on several smaller trips to Germany, Italy and Denmark.
  • My biggest achievement this year was the apartment I bought after having rented where to live since 1995.
  • I moved and I refurbished the new apartment and it has turned into a great place for me and Saffi.
  • I fell in love, but it was unresponded. Shit happens.
  • I was made redundant from my job, with about 70 others, after 4 years working there. More shit happened.

The last night of the year I spent at home alone – demolishing the built-in wardrobe I have thought of tearing down since september. I will see it as a symbol of tearing down all bad luck from 2010 and preparing for good things in 2011!

But all in all it was a good year. I was mostly happy and cheerful. I had my downs, yes, but I am not defeated that easily – even when it seems that I am at its lowest. I’ve been out a cold winter night before.

For me a wish a great new year – A year where I maintain a great health and I find a new job as soon as possible. I hope to meet love this year. Someone that I love and that love me back. I wish to be able to travel lots again and meet economic safety. I hope to gain many new friendships along with being able to care for my old friendships and I hope that 2011 will be a peaceful year.

So – to all of you – My friends, my family, my aquaintances and my followers …

I wish you a fantastic year in 2011 full of joy and prosperity. I hope it will result in many good memories, many great experiences and that you will experience love and success in your lives.

Thank you for following my blog and catch you again in 2011.


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