Project guestroom – Begone Horrible colors

My guestroom has for the longest time been the shame of the new apartment I bought. I have practically only used it as a storage room. I just had enough stress at some point after refurbishing 4 other rooms, moving, loosing my job and some other stuff that tore me apart over the fall so I just left it like that…

It started on New Years Eve with tearing down the wardrobe. The past days I have painted :D

Monday I spackled every last whole that needed spackeling.

Tuesday I painted 3 coats of paint on the ceiling. I managed to get them all done before it got too dark to put the lamp up – hence I also got myself around to paint a primer coat on the walls beforestarting the work of applying the color coats.

Wednesday I painted 2 coats on the walls and I think that is it. I must admit – right now Im rather proud of myself.

Oh… And curtains are up !!! Nice :D

Next project starting soon …


One response to “Project guestroom – Begone Horrible colors

  1. Keep the good work up Marianne!

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