Tromsø – Goodbye Sun

On the last day of the old year – I found an offer to purchase tickets to go up to the high north of my country for 1 NOK each way. This equals to about 0,20€ cents. Hence I got the tickets and asked my friend Wendy if I could stay with her for the period.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 and prepared for leaving. At 7 I went to the bus stop and waited paitently for the shuttle to take me to the airport. The shuttle was late and hence I was left freezing outside. Not that it was that cold actually but standing still – just waiting, isnt fun no matter how cold it is.

I arrived in good time at the airport – even with the delay by the bus. Check-in and boarding done I sat down in my seat and read for the whole trip. I just got a new book the other day and by the time we were 30 minutes from Tromsø I closed the last page of the book and have to find a new one. However I kept looking out the window. We left Oslo at 9am when the sun was just rising. Throughout the trip north the sun really didnt rise high and that was quite fascinating. About 15 minutes prior to landing we saw the last of the Sun – hiding behind the horizon while we flew over the mountains surrounding Tromsø.

Goodbye SUN for 6 days.
Picture to right is taken at 1pm of  Tromsdalstindene in the moonlight.

The view from the plane was awesome. Tromsø, surrounded by the majestic mountains – all covered in snow, revealing under us, was really beautiful, bathing in the eternal twilight of winter. It has already been 2,5 weeks since winter solstice – hence days are longer within the twilight zone. I arrived in Tromsø a bit before 11am, collected my luggage and took the 42 bus to Kræmer where Wendy were waiting for me at the bus stop. We went home to her and Tom Arnes place with the luggage, then sat there and talked to catch up since last time, before we went out for a walk and to have lunch. We ended up at Knoll og Tott. Its a baguette restaurant with delicious baguettes. We continued walking the streets in Tromsø downtown before we went to Nerstranda Shopping Centre where I found the DVD from the BBC series of The Chronicles of Narnia from when I was a kid! And only 99NOK!!! Sweet. I am now a new owner of that DVD.

After we were done Shopping we went to Polaria Centre for Arctic Flora and Fauna where we watched a nice panoramic video from Svalbard before we checked out the Polar exhibitions and the seals. We arrived in good time for their feeding / training session.

The seals were absolutely adorable. The small ones, Harbor Seal, are called Loffen and Lyra and they were so cute. The big ones, Bearded Seal, are called Bella and Mai San and they are the biggest kind of seals in the arctic waters. They can get up to 300 KGs in size.  They all put on quite a show to get their food :D

After the visit at Polaria, Wendy and I started heading home again. On our way home we stopped at a store called Løiten Lys to pick up some candles.

At home Tom Arne cooked us a delicious pasta meal and we watched the Bourne Ultimatum before it was time to sleep.

No sight at Northern Lights today. The Gedds geophysical Institute Aurora predictions for today were at the lowest however – no sight possible as long as its completely cloudy and its snowing !


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  1. That pic there look beautiful…

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