Tromsø – Chasing Aurora

Who is this Aurora person I am talking about? And why on earth should I be chasing her?

Of course Im not talking about any girl called Aurora – Im talking about the Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis.

However Ill get back to that later.

It was sooo nice to sleep in, my room is the darkest one in the whole house and I dont even notice it getting bright in the morning. I slept until 11am and it was sooo good. Bed is comfortable, covers real warm and nice.

When I got up Wendy and Tom were already having their breakfast. i joined them and when done we went into the living room where we enjoyed a lazy and comfortable day. It was snowing heavily outside and it was not tempting at all to go outside. However around 5pm it cleared up and at 5:30 pm Wendy and I went out for a long walk. It was really not cold today and it was a really nice day for a walk. We went towards the Botanical garden and the University and the Hospital before we returned. On our way home we stopped for groceries to pick up ingredients for dinner.

On our way home from the groceries store, through the shredded clouds, we saw our first hints of northern lights. A huge amount of green lights on the sky. Mesmerizing. I almost fell off the path and into the snow as I lost concentration of where I was walking, studying the lights above my head.

For dinner I cooked Pork in ginger with sweet n sour sauce with bananas and cashew nuts. I also made apple cake for dessert for us to have with vanilla ice cream :D

However before we had dessert, we checked the Northern Lights Live forecast and suddenly the activity increased a lot – hence we decided to go out for a long drive to find a good spot that was dark enough for us to get a good view. As we got outside the sky was full of clear green lights and it was completely amazing. It was dancing mildly for us, not bright enough for pictures, but definately stronger than what I’ve ever seen down south.

We drove around Tromsø, over to Kvaløya, all the time towards the north. We found a really dark and nice spot and we saw green flickers that came and went. We also saw white belts forming over the sky – it was clear that they were not clouds.

However it got a bit too cold for us standing outside in the chilly wind. The temperatures were dropping steadily as the sky was clearing up.  We drove home and got inside and relaxed with dessert and NCIS and then Medium on TV.


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