Tromsø – Ishavskatedralen & Fløya

This morning I slept in again. Actually Im a bit embarrassed by myself, cause I wasnt even alive until about midday. It gets quite bright here around midday so I should have woken up before, but its so nice to sleep.

Wendy and Tom were already sitting in the living room when I got up and greeted Good Afternoon :D Jokes aside Wendy suggested we prepare to leave for Fløya so that we got there before it got dark. I skipped breakfast, we got dressed and got ourselves outside in about 10 minutes so that we would have enough time to get to the bus in time.

On the other side of the city, we hopped off the bus and walked to the cable car to get us up to Storstein på Fløya. The ride up the mountain  took us 4 minutes and arriving up there we got to see a spectacular view of Tromsø city and Tromsøya.

It was gorgeous up there, the majesty of the mountains, the lights of the city and the natural light from the dark season made a special atmosphere that made it truly special to be up there.

I am liking Tromsø a whole lot!

We took the cable car down at 2:30pm. Half frozen dreaming of hot chocolate with cream and a warm nice coffee house. However, we were obviously not cold enough cause we walked past Ishavskatedralen over the bridge and into the city where we directed ourselves into Cafe Sånn to have our long dreamt of glasses of hot chocolate with whipped cream. We rested here until we were warm enough to continue walking in the polar night.

During our walk, we made a few stops – I found a top, Wendy got a scarf. We posted some postcards, we picked up some groceries for dinner and then we walked home. All in all a lovely day.

For dinner Wendy made pancakes with bacon and bananas :D YUMMY

After that we rested in the couches, watching TV, Reading, updating the blog and to end the night we had apple cake and ice cream for dessert while we watched the fabulous directors cut of LEON –  The Professional.

We didnt have much Aurora Activity today – predictions were at low to quiet from Gedds Geofysical Aurora predictions


One response to “Tromsø – Ishavskatedralen & Fløya

  1. Great movie, beautiful pictures.

    Good morning Marianne! Wake up :)

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