Tromsø – Citywalk & Cafevisit

I woke up a bit earlier this morning – however it was not exactly early at 11:30

Wendy and I spent some time at home in the morning before we went downtown to meet up with Sebastien for coffee. Temps have fallen steadily since tuesday when we were up to +1C. Now we are down to -11 with clear sky and the gorgeous smell of the arctic ocean.

We walked to the city where we met Sebastien outside Nerstranda shopping centre, before we headed to Cafe Solid to sit down.

Last I met Sébastien was at the New Year party in Oslo in 2009 / 2010 where he was one of the attendants with friends. Sébastien moved to Tromsø after the New Year party and I havent seen him since, so its been a long time, but this is just a proof of why I like Couchsurfing so much. Wendy and I am organizing a Couchsurfing meeting tomorrow evening and Sébastien saw this and contacted me to meet up. We had a great time chatting for several hours.

When we split with Sébastien, Wendy and I went to have a gorgeous dinner at Steakers steakhouse. They have a great dinner offer before 6pm. Dinner was awesome!! Just so delicious.

After dinner we went to Nerstranda shopping to warm up while shopping, before we went home. Still no sight of northern lights when we got home, however just 30 minutes after we got home – huge activities started out on the sky.

A completely gorgeous Aurora Borealis revealed itself to us, it was flickering and dancing for us in green and white and we were outside for a long time watching the beauty in the polar night – however polar nights are cold ! so finally we gave up and went inside again !

According to Gedds Geophysical Aurora forecast the activity predictions was low to quiet – however this was later updated to 3 moderate activity.


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