Tromsø – Shopping – CS meet

This morning I set my alarm and I was awake by 10:15am. Well awake may be a strong definition – however I was out of bed by that time. It was another really nice day in Tromsø and I went out to take a walk by myself and enjoy the day while there was still daylight. I also wanted to take pictures while it was still light enought to take good pictures. Its a bit difficult when you have no light :D

I had a beautiful walk in the city. Tromsø is a truly beautiful city. I love how it is surrounded by the mountains.

When I was done with my walk I met up with Wendy and we went to Jekta shopping center where we had some lunch and did some shopping. Later Tom  joined us and we did groceries before we went home.

Since I had woken up early this morning I was pretty tired by now and I had an hours date with the pillow :D When I woke up Wendy had cooked a delicious dinner with chicken and peaches and lots of other stuff. It was a really good dish!

At 7:30 we left for the centre again and we went to Kinematograf bar where Wendy had organized a Couchsurfing meeting. It was a nice and small meeting with about 15 people and we met a few really nice people. Its nice with one of the small meetings every once in a while as well. We walked home around midnight after a very successful night :D

There was no Aurora to be seen this night despite moderate forecasts.

Gedds Geophysical Institute Aurora forecast

No clear sky – No Northern Lights!


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