Dinner party at Bambus

Wendy and myself took the train downtown at 7pm to meet up with the others at Gamle Major pub at Majorstua.

It was a terrible weather, snow was falling in heaps, but at least it was not too cold.

Angel was waiting for us at Gamle Major, Linda soon dropped by and then Ricard and Lucy came shortly after. Then Niels and Daphne came and it was time to move over to Bambus. We were missing Wouter, but he had hidden himself further inside the bar. Once we had located him we all moved to Bambus together.

At Bambus we were checked into this little private room and we all had to take off our shoes to sit down. We quickly picked up a great ambience as a group and we had a fantastic time. It was so nice to meetup with old and new friends again while we enjoyed a fantastic dinner. Ok. Food at this place was really good ! I’m definately coming back.

We had a minor scary event during the evening, but apart from that – everything turned out really great.

Several glasses of beer, wine, dinner and dessert later we moved back to Gamle Major for some more beer. Suddenly it was time to move back home and there was a delay with the Metro – hence we started running around to try to find a bus or tram that would take us down to National theatre so that we could take the train home. However we didnt find one that would take us there in time so we decided to jump into a cab. Due to traffic the ride took us a bit longer than it normally would have so we almost lost the train. The cab let us off at the entrance to the train station and we ran as fast we could. We made it just in time to get onto the train before the doors closed..

That was a close range !

It was a truly lovely evening !


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