Tromsø – Goodbye

On my last day in Tromsø I slept in and woke up around midday again. Still no sun, but it comes more and more visible each morning with read reflections in the clouds at least.

We had breakfast while we watched a movie and spent some time packing and preparing to get ready.

At 1:30 pm we left for the airport and checked in. We departed from Tom Arne and left him in Tromsø while Wendy and I prepared for going back to Oslo.

We had a nice muffin at one of the airport cafes and something to drink. It was nice to not depart from Wendy yet and that she came with me to Oslo !

Our plane trip was nice. No signs of turbulence nor any other uncomfortabilities. Both Wendy and I spent the time reading. No signs of the sun either.

Goodbye Tromsø. Goodbye dark polarnights. Goodbye Sunless days :D

Arriving Oslo we took the bus to my house and settled in. Its nice to be home !


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