Everyday marvels

This week I have been running all over to take part in several interviews with recruiting companies and with possible employers. 

I had 6 interviews only the 3 first days of the week. Between 2 of those interviews I had a somewhat quiet moment and I was strolling slowly through the city when I found these ducks that spent some time cleaning themselves up in the National Theatre fountain. They looked so peaceful and cute that I sat down to capture them with my camera.When I was done taking pictures I got up to move on, but a lady came over to me asking if she could ask me some questions. Still in no rush – I said yes, of course you can.The question she asked me was “What do you think about as everyday marvels?”

I started listing up a few things that I could think about that bring a smile to my face, or that I find particularly wonderful in my daily life like some of the tings listed under:

  • The sun shining on my face
  • Snowcrystals shining in the sun
  • Melting snow
  • The spring
  • Knowing I have friends that care about me
  • A stranger that smiles at me
  • Chocolate

The lady turned out to be a journalist from the newspaper Vårt Land (A religiously directed newspaper). She took my pictures and got her interview and then I went on to not be late for my next interview.

However I kept thinking about her question – “What do you think of as everyday marvels?”

It is a deep question and I must admit that its not always as easy to focus on marvels and recognizing wonders in life. Especially not dring times where problems tower up and darkens your horizons.

But beauty and marvels are all around us. All the time. The only thing we have to make sure of – is to open our eyes and see them. Really see them. Like:

  • Enjoy the sun that shines bright and clear from the sky, feel its warmth kiss your cheeks and warm you from the inside.
  • Be amazed by the way the sun shines on the fresh snow that fell last night, spreading and reflecting in the million different shapes of the snowcrystals around you.
  • Smile to a stranger and see their face light up in wonder – before they smile back at you.
  • Be that friend that your friends deserve. Show them you care about them.
  • Enjoy that chocolate, or the coffee that you like so much, with every right of pleasure – instead of feeling guilt.
  • Walk in the rain and feel alive when the cold drops fall on your head and wake you up.
  • Enjoy the love of your pet welcoming you home after a busy day.
  • Call your parents and let them know you love them.
  • Enjoy every little moment you have in life.

I realized that there are a lot of small wonders and marvels in my life – every day, not just on special days, I just have to see them and focus on them!

On the bright side, I have finally started hearing back about job interviews and I have started getting my hopes up about getting myself a job in time for the other contract to end :D

Click on the articles to read them in full format:
PS: In Norwegian

I am the master of my faith

I am the captain of my soul


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