Worry Dolls from Guatemala

During a particularly difficult time my friend Wendy bought me a little gift that I have appreciated very much:

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

I once had similar dolls when I was a kid, but they were a lot smaller, and unfortunately they have been long lost.

“Worry Dolls date back from the Mayan times and according to the legends the Mayan believed that there was a special Worry People and that you should whisper your worries to these, your special worry dolls, and then, later that night…  You should place your worry dolls under the bed, the hammock, the pillow, or the leaves you sleep on.

When you wake up, the worry dolls will have taken your worries away. “

The dolls come in individual wooden boxes and has a little paper telling the story of the worry dolls.

 Worry dolls are dressed in remnants or scraps of clothing, and made of small splinters of wood for the doll body. They are inexpensively ordered on the Internet, or you and your children can make your own. They may serve an anxious child very well. In fact, some hospitals use them for children who have major illnesses, much in the same manner that dream catchers are used to chase away bad dreams.


I don’t know if the worry dolls really work, but I really appreciated the gift and each night I tell each worry doll 1 worry each. Then I put them under my pillow and sleep.

If for nothing else, they serve as someone I tell a worry to and a worry shared is a worry half the weight to carry… Even if they are dolls and its an old kids tale back from the Mayan empire….

Who knows … I have felt a lot better lately :D


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