Swiss Chocolate


OK, Im a sucker for real good chocolate. I don’t eat all kinds of chocolates, but there sure is some I just can’t stay away from.

2 weeks ago a friend of mine came to visit me from Switzerland and he brought me a gift of gorgeous Swiss Chocolate.
I mean – who doesn’t love friends like that? Hihihihi

I got Lindt and Frey Chocolates. I had never tasted the Frey one before, however this one that I had today – was a Supreme Fourré with Panna Cotta and red rasberry filling. It was soo good I couldn’t help myself from eating the whole bar.
Amazing !!!

He also brought me white Lindt chocolate with almonds.
One of my favourites!!
Soooo good.

Thank you so much :D


One response to “Swiss Chocolate

  1. I will never forget the breakfast I had at Switzerland: Cow milk mixed with pear honey and melted Swiss chocolate…ORGASMIC!

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