Harry Tur

Today I did something that all good Norwegians with respect for themselves (or for the lack of it) do every once in a while ! I went to Sweden on a Harry Tur with my friend Louise.

What the f*** is a Harry Tur you may ask yourself. Harry is a name, right? Yeah, right. It is… but not in this this meaning.

Sweden does not have as many taxes as we do in Norway – hence buying groceries is a lot cheaper for Norwegians to do there, especially meat and cigarettes and alchol which are the highest taxed products we have here.
So every now and then Norwegians travel to the border towns to do their shopping and go back again the same day.

Louise picked me up this morning and then we took off to the bordertown and shopping centre of Nordby where we picked up enough groceries to last me a long time. We also had lunch and peeked around in a few of the other stores there, before we went home. It took me forever to carry everything inside and splitting it up in several smaller packs before freezing :D

NICE. Freezer is full guys :D

When do you come for a visit ?


One response to “Harry Tur

  1. As you can see at my blog I just returned from “shopping” at the village of my parents.

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