Snowboarding with sis

This morning I spent cleaning up in my apartment and working on my dads website.

At 3 pm sis called to organize when to meetup for snowboarding later today.

We met at 5 pm and went up to Grefsenkollen where she tought me how to balance on the snowboard. They only have t-bar lifts to get uphill – hence I needed to work on balance before I was abe to go uphill…

Its not that I have never been on a board before, but … its 11 and 12 years since the first and past time I was on the board. Meaning.. I dont really know anything !

Something that was really difficult ;D I fell of like 10 times and the guys at the skisenter came down to offer me a ride with the Snowmobile to at least get uphill. I instisted on trying further so he tought me how to get up instead.

As I learned that, I had lots of fun trying to learn how to swing and keep balance on my way downhill. We mainly kept in the smallest hill (#1) but we also tried the family hill (#2), which was mainly a bit too scary for me – yet !

Map over Grefsenkollen

We kept going and sis tought me lots of neat tricks. At 9pm we were cold and called it a night. She drove me home where I changed into normal clothes before we went to IKEA. Once we were done there, I went with her downtown to meet up with Anni. Anni just flew in from Aberdeen where she lives and studies.

We headed home where we made food, enjoyed some wine and good conversations before it was bed time !


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